Handwriting project

Thank you for wanting to take part in our project.

On this page you will find instructions for completing the task. If you have any questions, you are always most welcome to contact us.

  1. Installation
  2. File preparation
  3. Running the app
  4. Using the app
  5. Finishing the project
  6. Problems and questions

Remember that you have to keep an eye on, when you have completed enough words. If you are using a finger, you need to complete 1,400 words. If you are using a S-pen, you need to complete 1,800 words.


To install the app, you have to open the file that was sent to you through email (sampling20150425.apk).


When you open the file, you will get a warning about the installation being blocked.


Clik Settings to give permission to install the app.

Når du åbner filen, får du en advarsel om at installationen er blokeret.

Klik på Indstillinger for at give adgang til at installere app'en.

Activate Unknown sources in the window that opens.


Confirm that you wish to grant permission for the installation. Keep the checkmark in Allow this installation only.

If you are unable to open the file automatically, you have to open Settings and choose Lock screen and security. From there you have to acitave Unknown sources. Now you should be able to open the file. Remember to disable Unknown sources after installation is complete.

During the installation, you have to give the app permission to use your storage area as well as internet access. Access to the storage area is needed in order to save your progress and handwriting samples.


After completing the installation, you have to click Finish instead of opening the app.

File preparation

Before you are able to use the app, you have to make sure that it has been installed correctly. Also you have to copy the ID file to the correct location.

From your email client, you have to save the ID file (ga00xxx.dat). It depends on your email client, but usually you can just click the file to download it.


After downloading the file, open My Files.


In Device Storage check if there's a folder called sampling. If it is missing, you have to create it manually by clicking More at the top right corner and selecting Create folder. Create a folder named sampling (small letters).


Open the sampling folder. In it, there have to be three other folders. If they are not there already, you have to create them manually (again, by clicking More at the top right and selecting Create folder): samples, combine and pictures (all small letters).

When completed, it should look like this:


Finally you have to copy the ID file you saved before into the combine folder. This is done using My Files where you typically will find the file in Downloads


Long press (keep you finger pressing) the ID file until a checkmark appears in front of it. Click More at the top right and then Copy.

In Device Storage go to the folder sampling and then combine. Click Insert in the top right corner to insert the file into the folder.

Running the app


Run the app by clicking the icon. The registration page will open.

Complete the fields


Type in your full name in the first field and your age in the next.

In Identification Card ID you have to type in part of your identification number (social security number, drivers license ID or similar). Replace the last do digits with **, for example 1234567**

Select your gender in Sex and keep the Yes in Familiar with handwriting.


Select which hand you use to write with.

In Sample Id have to type in the ID number assigned to you in the email sent.

Select Irish in Sample Language.

In Pen/Hand select Pen if you are using a S-Pen or Hand if you are using a finger to write.

Use Take a photo to take a picture of yourself (Remember, you only need your eyes and nose visible).

Finally click Register Information.

If you decide to take a break and continue at a later time, look at the question section below to see how to continue working.

Using the app

The app consists of a big writing area in the middle of the screen. On top there's several buttons. Pre moves to the previous text, while Next goes to the next. Undo and Rewrite is used if you make a mistake and want to either undo the last thing you typed or want to start over with that particular text.

In the top of the white area is shown what you have to write.

It's very important that you write it excactly as it is shown, including spelling mistakes, lack of spaces or similar.


If you need more space to write, you can use Move Left, Move Right and Move Down at the bottom of the screen to move around.

When you have completed the text shown click Next to move on to the next.

Please note that it will begin by asking for a number of canvas responses before moving on to word. You have to keep track of the word count.

The app will not stop on it's own once you reach the goal. When you are finished, you click the back button on the device. A pop-up window will ask if you want to exit the program. Click Yes. The app automatically saves your progress.


Finishing the project

After completing all 1,400 words (or 1,800 if using a S-pen), you have to gather the files and send back to us.

Open My Files.


In Device Storage, long press sampling until a checkmark appears in front of it. Click More at the top right corner and select Compress.


Compress the files using your ID number as name by clicking Compress


The new file will be created in the folder you are alreayd in. Find the file and long press it until the checkmark appears. Use the Share option to attach the file in an email and return it to us.

The file will contain your samples as well as the picture you took.


Finally you have to fill in your personal information. You can either open the file from your email or download it from here.

When filling in your own ID number remember to replace the last two digits with **

Remember to fill in the information by hand. If you do not have a printer, you can copy the table onto paper yourself and then take a picture of the completed information. This is only used for comparing your handwriting with the handwriting in the app.

We will send the gift certificate as soon as the company has verified the content of the files.

Thank you for your time!

Problems og questions

Unable to find ID number

If you get an error message saying the ID number does not exist when starting the app, it's most likely because something went wrong during the file copy or because the file has been renamed during the copy. This tends to happen automatically on some devices for some reason.

Go to the combine folder and check if the data file is there (ga00xxx.dat). It might bave been renamed (typically to ga00xxx-1.dat). If so, you simply have to rename the file back to the original name.

I took a break and now my answers are gone

If the app have been closed down, you need to type in your own ID number (social security number, drivers license, etc.) the same way you did when starting the program the first time - including ** instead of the last two digits. You also have to type in the ID number assigned from us and select language. Click AutoFill Information and it should complete the rest for you.

If it does not work, then try fill in some additional data until it works.

Once the rest have been filled in automatically, you can continue the project by clicking Register Information.