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How do I become a member?

To become a member, all you have to do is complete our signup form.

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You only have to fill in a few personal details, including your email address. After completing the form you will receive a validation email to confirm your email address. 

Once verified you will automatically begin recieving emails with invitations to participate in surveys. You will be rewarded for every completed survey.

We will never share or reveal your personal information. You can read more about our privacy policy.

What about my personal information?

Survee and CINT will never pass on your personal information. The surveys you complete will never contain any of your personal information. Beside the information you provide during the survey, the research companies will only recieve your age, gender and postcode.

Read more about our privacy policy.

Is it free?

Yes! You will never be asked for any kind of payment. Instead it is you getting paid for completing our surveys.

How it works

Is it free?

Yes! You will never be asked for any kind of payment. Instead it is you getting paid for completing our surveys.

How many surveys will I get?

The number of surveys will vary depending on the number of surveys where you fit into the target audience. Most of our users receive between 5 and 15 surveys a month. 

To increase the number of surveys, you can update your profile information and answer the additional questions available. The more questions you answer, the more you will increase the possibility of getting selected to participate in the surveys available.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings depend on the number of surveys you complete. For every survey you complete, you will get paid into your Survee account.

The payment for each survey depends on the length of the survey. Typically you will get paid between  0.20 and 2.00 Euro for each survey.

There is no limit to the number of surveys you can complete, but normally you should expect between 5 and 15 surveys per month.

My Account

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address at My Profile. Choose "Update my profile" then type in the new email address.

How do I get started?

After signing up and activating your account, you can login to your members area.

The first time you logon you will be asked to complete some additional questions about yourself. We use those questions to send you the surveys that you are most likely to match.

In your members area you are also able to view and participate the surveys you have been invited to take, but have not yet responded to.

Finally you are able to request payout, once you reach the minimum payment requirement.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password through My Profile. Choose "Update my profile" to type in a new password.

If you've forgotten your password, you can request a new password from the login page.

How do I terminate my membership?

You can terminate your account at anytime through My Profile. Click "Update my profile" and then "close account".