How it works


Sign up for free and provide us with some basic information about yourself.

That way we can send you surveys matching your personal information and at the same time it helps us maintain the high creditability in the answers we get.



Receive an email with an invitation to complete a survey.

After signing up, you will receive emails with invitations to take part in surveys. Usually we will screen the participants in the beginning of each survey. A few times you will get a message telling you, that you are not within the target audience of that specific survey. Of course you do not have to complete the survey in those cases. However, it also means that you will not get paid for that specific survey.




Get paid for the surveys you complete and for sharing your opinion.

We appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing your opinion with us. That is why your payment will depend on the length of each survey. Obviously a longer survey will result in a bigger pay. The pay is changing, but is typically between $ 0.34 and $ 5.95 for a completed survey.




Earn money and transfer them to your own PayPal account.

You can transfer your earnings into your PayPal account, as soon as your earnings reaches $ 17. PayPal is a free electronic wallet, that makes it possible for you to transfer money directly into your bank account, or pay for purchases on other internet pages.

To learn more about Paypal, or to setup your own account, click here.





You can always cancel your membership without any fees or obligations.

If, at any time, you choose to cancel your membership, all you have to do is tell. We will then remove your information from our panel database. And we will still be grateful for the time you have spent helping us.